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PF-ICGLR statement on the security situation in the Republic of Sudan

April 19, 2023, Kinshasa, DR Congo – The Forum of Parliaments of the Member-States of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (FP-ICGLR) is deeply disturbed and concerned by fierce fighting being reported across Sudan between the country’s military and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) which erupted on April 15, 2023 after a long-power struggle which exploded into a battle for the control of the nation.

As FP-ICGLR, we strongly condemn the escalation of violence perpetrated by the rival armed groups which is seriously threatening to destabilise Sudan and the wider region.

We note with concern that the violence has continued to spread to different parts of Sudan, claiming lives of innocent civilians and exacerbating an already dire humanitarian situation in the country. The Forum of Parliaments remains concerned to the most that if this conflict between rival factions persists and becomes a fully-fledged civil war, it poses a threat of permanently disrupting progress of installing a competent civilian led-government.

We therefore call upon the conflicting parties to cease fire and return to the negotiating table to resolve their differences peacefully in the interest of the Sudanese people and the general populace in the country.

The FP-ICGLR commends efforts that are being made at regional, continental and international level aimed at resolving the conflict and urges for continued exertion of meaningful pressure on the leadership of the warring factions to put their personal interests aside and find an amicable solution to allow for a cease-fire and lasting peace to prevail.

As an interparliamentary organisation of elected representatives, FP-ICGLR stands in solidarity with the ordinary populace and other people affected by the Conflict in Sudan in the hope that a peaceful resolution of the conflict will be found.

Amb. Onyango Kakoba
Secretary General

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